Monday, July 22, 2024

Sabally Breaks Silence on a Variety of Issues After His Move to NPP

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Once the Campaign Manager for the country’s main opposition United Democratic Party (UDP), and now a member of the ruling National People’s Party (NPP) and presidential youth adviser, Momodou Sabally has broken his silence on various issues and his political rivalry with his former party mate Talib Ahmed Bensouda.

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Speaking to The Fatu Network, specifically on the show “60 Minutes With Fatu” hosted by CEO Fatu Camara, Sabally revealed that he harbors no grudges or ill intentions against anyone.

“Some people have wished for my demise, and others have spread all sorts of allegations about me to tarnish my reputation.

Many have tried to silence me, but I have refused to be silenced. Nobody will stop me from speaking the truth,” he declared.

He informed the show host that while some Gambians acknowledge the truth, criticism becomes unwelcome when certain individuals are involved.

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When asked about his relationship with his former party, he stated, “UDP is a great party with great people who love and respect me. Leaving the party was a very difficult decision I made for the country.”

Sabally believes that joining NPP will enable him to contribute to national development using the knowledge and experience he has acquired. However, he expressed disappointment with individuals who have turned against him due to his decision, emphasizing that his move to NPP was not for personal gain.

Regarding questions about the Janneh Commission, Sabally criticized it as a witch hunt directed at him and a few others.

“How can a commission target a select few while letting others off the hook? The Janneh Commission was guilty of this, as highlighted by Alhagie Kurang in a recent interview with you (Fatu Camara),” he added.

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Regarding his relationship with Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) Mayor Talib Ahmed Mensouda, he clarified that he does not harbor hatred towards Bensouda, despite political differences. He explained that he only criticized Bensouda’s political stance and owed no one an apology for doing so.

Sabally cited the UDP Janjangbureh Congress as an example, stating that Talib did not want him to be the campaign manager. “Talib can’t deny this, but I don’t see it as him hating me; we simply have different ideologies,” he said.

“It would be unfair for me to hold grudges against him because of his family’s actions towards me at the Janneh Commission,” he added.

Sabally, also an inspiring figure for young people, claimed that wherever he goes, people have hope in him, even among his adversaries.

He expressed optimism about the Barrow-led government delivering significant development in the country.

Regarding news publications claiming he wants Darboe in NPP, Sabally clarified, “The journalist misquoted me in that interview.”

“If I express support for President Barrow and admiration for Ousainou Darboe, then naturally, I would want Darboe in NPP with me. That was the context, not how it was reported.”

When asked about his feelings after joining NPP despite past disagreements, Sabally responded, “I am very comfortable with President Barrow because he is a peaceful person.”

He described the Gambian leader as a good person with an open mind.

“Allah knows why He brought President Barrow to us in this difficult time, and we should be thankful,” Sabally concluded.

Regarding questions about whether President Barrow will seek a third term, Sabally said, “My opinion doesn’t matter here. However, I can say that he is not power-hungry, and he is a decent leader.”

He added that the majority of Gambians want President Barrow to continue, as he is one of the most endorsed presidents in the country’s history, with support from both home and abroad, including the UN, UK, and Americas.

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