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Sabally Applauds Jammeh, Raps on Education as he Addresses Graduates

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Former Secretary General and Presidential Affairs Minister, Momodou Sabally, has applauded Gambia’s erstwhile leader Yahya Jammeh for his courage and vision in establishing the country’s first ever university (UTG).

He made these remarks,  Friday, July 12, 2019 while addressing graduates at Sibanor Secondary School.

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“This is indeed a day worth celebrating both for you and your parents. 25 years ago, no one parent could have imagined their children accomplishing Secondary school education under their own roof and under their own watchful eyes in this blessed and historic town of Sibanorr.

“So then we must give the devil his due and commend our former Head of State Sheikh Professor Dr. Alhagie Yahya AJJ Jammeh who had the vision, courage and tenacity to initiate the actual democratisation of education in this country. Yes that is the man who also gave us our first ever university.

“And those who tell you that Yahya Jammeh used our tax money to build a university, should be told to go and ask our first President Sir Dawda Jawara, what did he use our tax money for.

“Jammeh is gone, his legacy stays. We have a new President, let us give him our unflinching support because nation building is a continuous process. It is a relay. Jawara gave the baton to Jammeh, Jammeh to Barrow. Now let us move together in unity as a team. Team Gambia:

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One Gambia

One People

One Nation”

He later advised the graduates to be persistent in pursuit of their educational goals and to never stop learning.

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“Education is your multipurpose visa in this increasingly complex global village we live in today. And therefore our progress as individuals, communities and nations would only be commensurate with our level of education and training.

“Reading and learning are my most important tools and assets to this day and beyondinshaa Allah. So my advice to you on the topic of “Life after School” is ‘Go Back to Schooll!!! Keep reading, keep learning.’

Sabally concluded his speech by reiterating a message he gave to graduating students in another school barely a week ago:

“Stay away from politics and do not allow anyone to use you to create chaos or instability in your country in the pursuit of their selfish interests. Engagement in your civic duties is important but at this stage in your life, my advice is to stay away from party politics, perform your civic duties and responsibilities. Get your voters cards when you qualify for that (by age), go to the polls when the time comes and keep the peace!” He concluded.

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