Monday, February 26, 2024

Road Cleanup Project

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By: Momodou Ndow

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Those who have lived or traveled abroad know that certain activities require a permit in the West.

For example, you cannot sell on the streets without a permit. Lage len Modou Modou yi. Sayu neka nyu reetay len in New York.

Cities in general have laws that are enforced to keep the city clean, organized, and in order. Even if you want to extend your house or build a structure in your backyard, you have to have a permit and the structure will be inspected to make sure the necessary standards are met.

Different areas in the city or town can only be used according to zoning laws that regulate development. Certain areas are designated for residential, commercial, parks, and other purposes. There is a place for everything, and this helps the city keep things neat and orderly. Motah fee mbeda yi dunge dey tilim ak jahasor. Keeping things in order is crucial for development.

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Unlike fofu nonu, where everything goes, nothing is in the proper order. We have laws in place, but they are never enforced. As a result, the entire dayka mungee tilim beh parey chokup. If you say it, nyuneh yow hamulor sa bopa wala danga fuk neh lee wala laa. When you complain about it while there, some will tell you “bayil nyu sunge dayka bi deh” wala nyu hall la bote yu bon. They sometimes act as if njome njor morm dayka bi, just like Goloh used to do.

For decades, people have been allowed to encroach on public space and erect lulen nehh, littering the entire landscape with all sorts of makeshift structures. They will leave all their garbage behind there and go home at the end of the day. Next day, the same thing. Year in and year out, the numbers of vendors keep multiplying too. This is how Pipeline binge dan chow became a marrseh beh guy yi di jai jahatou ak naytaytu si bunti banks yi. Borri Turntable ak Brikama waheh nopi. Ebay beh noring nay komung!

There will always be a cost associated with development everywhere, and that cost is inevitable. Laws must be enforced, and sacrifices must be made. It’s about time for us to stop wasting time on politics and focus on the task at hand. In order to turn things around for the next generation, we must make the necessary sacrifices. It’s clear that our current situation is not sustainable.

That said, I hereby condemn the foul attitude of certain members of the demolition crew towards the vendors. You can work within the confines of the law without being abusive. Power and authority can be handled with grace. No need to get kufang. Although you’re doing your job, it’s important to have understanding and empathy.

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