Monday, December 4, 2023

Reactions to Mamma Kandeh’s Nomination

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Reactions to the nomination of GDC’s presidential candidate, Mamma Kandeh, has become a subject of controversy among the people. “It will be premature to make a conclusive analysis on the way his nomination will affect the polls,” said Alagie Jaffuneh, a youth activist. Jaffuneh said probably GDC presidential candidate may split the votes of the ruling party because of his influence after serving ten years as member parliament in the party.

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Sunkari Kandeh, a middle age woman said she was a former APRC women mobiliser at Brikama. She said she has cross carpeted along with dozens of people from the ruling party to the new party. She said only GDC could remove the regime from power. “I am delighted at the nomination of our party leader. Those who said he will be rejected were shame,” she said.


Meanwhile, Alfusainey Samateh from Busumbalas has sharply accused GDC president of working for Jammeh. “Mamma Kandeh is a puppet. He cannot be trusted,” he pointed out. Samateh described the former Jimara parliamentarian as a failure. He said he is not bothered about the plight of the people. He urged people to vote for the coalition.

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