Saturday, December 9, 2023

The Gambia is experiencing again the very potent engines of terror Yaya Jammeh used to lift himself to unjust dominions of power

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Yaya Jammeh’s knows very well his 2016’s abridged catalog of high moral crimes against every category of Gambian —is more than enough to earn him the biggest loser in the upcoming elections, but he wants to seduced the unwary public with excessive fear as usual. More telling, that’s why he speaks with such boorishness, xenophobic outbursts, and mincing his words with abhorrent statements of 6 feet deep. Indeed, either way, the sharp increase in the events of terror on our children in recent days, pulling of welcome mats of the ICC- ties this past few weeks and women tortured in past months— have made 2016 remain a profoundly consequential year of terror for Gambia’s calendar in history. His policies are clearly attuned to following his idological shrines astrological signs, inexorably pursuing evil barbaric ideology above the country’s peace and equally administering any utterances of his “Jallang” idol whispers as death sentence for any Gambian.

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Besides fending off his perceived rivals with never-ending taint of intentional fabrications, he is well known to use evil spiritual means to ruinously dominated Gambia politics using fear for 22 years. Even still, much like the frustration and division he has caused to the country, he is determined to destroy Gambia back to the stone ages. These trends of events in 2016 along, may well be his self-inflected fatal flaw that will end his presidency this December. Simultaneously, he has illustrated a track record for making horrendous crimes against every category of the human being: Burying infants alive, feeding remains of Gambian’s with crocodiles, his convoys killings spree and sacrificing virgins. He foresaw with remarkable clarity back in 1989/1990, Gambians succumb to his scaremongering tactics — when he lifted a bag full of amulets “Jujus”, claiming anyone who dears to speaks out during a line up identification parade about their crime — will meet his death. That was the very engines he used as his ambitions ladder to lift himself to unjust dominions of power. How else to explain this?


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And it’s no wonder: He has conned his unprincipled men to become potent engines terror and petty thieves grown fat— just to enabled him to usurp the reins of government and subvert the power of the people to himself alone. Every campaign against him by the brave Gambians citizens in the past comes to a merciful end because —he surprisingly uses those very idolistic engines of fear —to buy the loyally of certain service men and suppressed voices in certain institutions. A police officer once told a friend— Yaya Jammeh organized a shrine loyal pledge factions, using hired marabouts from other countries to effectively override any grievance people had about him— using deceptive tactic to make officers fearful of him embarrassing them. One police officer now exiled, refused to participate by protesting — it was indifferent to his faith, and to the end, he was branded as an enemy and has a personal story to tell.



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He will also hire every marabout in the country for reasons best known to him— to help him stay in power and use barbaric rituals to make sure our citizens blood pressure are never at rest — whenever his name is mentioned. This is the reason why he can pretty much in the past, ride out the waves of a plethora of scandals; lashes out at nations elders and illustrates a disdain for the Gambians; his burrowing owl bankrupt our nations foreign; he consistently engages in derogatory language about Gambians diasporians and name-calling; he engages in childish feuds with those below him; and he has an overall temperament and demeanor that are unbecoming of any serious head of state. Gambians are aware — that he is ready to use the state’s power to exact revenge on his perceive enemies at the expense of the country. Yet, at the same time, these trends of devil worshiping will pose a difficult to separate them as policies of his regime, but not necessarily insurmountable, challenge— if we are ready to massively vote him out.



The presidency according to him — is something he put his life on the line to achieved.



Therefore — he will use his position to sell favors, influence and even the nation’s resources in a brazen pay-to-play scheme to enrich the Jammeh family. The coalition has already Cemented most of these worries —Gambians have about the regime. By working tirelessly to make sure we deliver votes to the coalition, Gambia can have returned to its glory days of the smiling coast. The current ongoing crimes and the backlog of crimes in the hearts of people, has certainly highlighted the country’s need to move on from Yaya Jammeh. Hence, there are many words that can be used to accurately describe Gambians 2016 presidential election but the word “unprecedented” certainly comes to mind. This is why he has deployed another rebellious contingent of terror against our children— ready to commit even worst crimes. This team of coalition leaders, represent hope and peace for Gambia.



It is the civic duty of every Gambian to play one part or another to ensure this regime is history, whether — is oversaturation of information about his crimes since 1994, enlightening our families about the coalition or providing resources where needed. Yaya Jammeh has the state coffers to illegally use at his disposal and he has enjoyed support from the rich, powerful and well-connected because of —intermediation and use of scare tactics on their businesses. Yaya and Zainab Jammeh conned many people to access towering cash and kind from their recent business panhandling event, for the supposed children they are kidnapping today. How did they fooled the affluent Gambians who gave $10,000 for children causes and now they are going on— a wave of kidnapping spree on same children for barbaric rituals? This tendency toward atrocities directed at citizens will never stop, unless we vote him out peacefully this December 1st.Vote No to despotism ever again and Yes to hope!


By Habib ( A Concerned Gambian)

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