Friday, September 29, 2023

“President Barrow Must Be Accountable For Atrocities In Foni” – Hon. Almame Gibba

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By Dawda Baldeh

Hon. Almame Gibba, newly sworn in National Assembly Member for Foni Kansala, has said President Adama Barrow must be accountable for the atrocities the people of Foni are facing in his government.

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Hon. Gibba contested under the APRC breakaway group (No to Alliance) and defeated Hon. Musa Amul Nyassi who contested under the APRC in the April 9 parliamentary election.

He told Fatu Network that the people of Foni are facing numerous atrocities under the current government. “The Barrow led government has no regards and interest for keeping the people of Foni safe,” he said.  He added that they are paying tax like in any other region.

Hon. Gibba cited that Haruna Jatta case is still waiting for Justice after four years. He recalled that Jatta was “brutally murdered” by Senegalese soldiers (ECOMIG), yet justice is not served.

He called on the government to bring the culprits to Justice. “It has been four (4) years since Haruna Jatta was shot and killed by the Senegalese  forces,” he said.

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Jatta was shot to death by ECOMIG soldiers during a peaceful protest in Kanilai, Foni Kansala District in 2018.

“We will follow the right process to make sure President Barrow is accountable for all these atrocities in Foni,” he emphasized.

He reiterated their efforts in ensuring the people of Foni are secure. “Since the attack on the MFDC on 13 March, leading to the displacement of hundreds, neither the president, the defense minister nor the interior minister or the governor went to visit the people of Foni he said.

Foni Kansala NAM said the president is here for all but noted that he is neglecting the people of Foni. He said Barrow is the president and he should be able to stand and do the right thing for the Gambia

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He said since the attack occurred in Foni, their children have not been attending school but noted that the President and the minister’s children are all going to school.

“The people of Foni are deprived of their rights,” he emphasized.

He stressed that shells of explosives are landing in the border villages everyday, but that government has never condemned those responsible for such.

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