Sunday, June 23, 2024

Passengers Stranded at Banjul-Barra Ferry Terminal for Hours

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By: Alieu Jallow

Passengers at the Banjul-Barra crossing point have found themselves stranded at the ferry terminal in Banjul for over three hours. One of our sources, a fellow traveler, revealed that they have been grappling with delays in their journey to Barra for an extended period.

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According to the source, the Kunta Kinteh initially loaded vehicles onto the ferry but subsequently offloaded them without providing any clear explanation to the passengers. Frustrated by the situation, some travelers have opted for boats as an alternative means of transportation.

Passengers have voiced their frustration and dissatisfaction, citing what they perceive as poor services from the Ferries department.

Responding to these concerns, Omar Bur Touray, the Public Relations Manager, acknowledged the reported issues. He explained that the ferry service is currently facing technical challenges stemming from aging engines, and the newly ordered engines are yet to arrive in the country.

Mr. Touray emphasized that they are managing with the old engines to ensure continued service delivery while awaiting the arrival of the new engines. He expressed regret for any inconvenience caused to their esteemed customers and assured them that the team is working tirelessly to provide more convenient services.

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“We apologize for any inconvenience to esteemed customers; however, we are working tirelessly to ensure convenient services,” he concluded.

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