Tuesday, May 28, 2024

OIC Secretariat Staff and Red Cross Kickstart 3-Day First Aid Training

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By: Dawda Baldeh

The OIC Secretariat staff and the Gambia Red Cross Society have commenced a three-day first aid training program in preparation for the upcoming Organization of Islamic Cooperation summit.

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The training, held at the Sir Dawda Jawara International Conference Center, aims to equip the staff with basic first aid skills.

Yankuba Dibba, the CEO of OIC Gambia, emphasized the importance of event planning and the need to address safety and health concerns during the summit.

He highlighted that the knowledge gained from the training could have a lasting impact on the participants, encouraging them to utilize their skills to manage any emergencies that may arise.

Alasan Senghore, Secretary General of the Gambia Red Cross Society, expressed his excitement about the partnership between the Red Cross and the OIC Secretariat.

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He clarified that the Red Cross is not an NGO but an organization established by an Act of Parliament to complement government efforts.

Senghore explained the mission of the Red Cross to save lives and narrated the history of its founder and the importance of treating casualties during times of conflict.

“The most important thing at the moment is event planning. Most people will only come here for two reasons; this is about their safety, and health concerns will be addressed.

Health is everyone’s business, and what you will learn here today will last for generations, enabling you to pass on the knowledge and save yourself and others.

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In most cases when accidents occur, people just grab the casualties and rush them to the hospital without observing any first aid support,” he explained.

Senghore stressed the significance of first aid, citing personal experiences and the need for proper handling of cases before reaching hospitals.

“I was a trained first aider in the early days, but unfortunately, I never trained any of my family members. So, one day I had an issue but couldn’t do anything for myself.

Most of the disabilities we have in the country after accidents are due to how we handle cases before they are taken to the hospitals.

If someone has a heart attack without receiving any first aid before reaching the hospitals, he/she dies or experiences disabilities,” Senghore told the attendees.

He expressed the objective of having every family in the country trained in first aid to mitigate preventable casualties.

Senghore also urged the government to support the Red Cross and encouraged the participants to make the best use of the training.

Ebrima Ousman Ndure, who presided over the official opening, emphasized the importance of first aid and its potential to save lives.

He highlighted the large number of guests expected for the summit and the significance of the training in that context.

Following the official opening, the participants were divided into groups to begin the practical aspect of the training.

By the end of the three-day program, the participants are expected to have gained experience in basic first aid, which they will be able to apply during and after the summit.

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