Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Janjanbureh NAM Expresses Concerns Over Logistics Ahead of Bicentenary Commemoration

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By: Alieu Jallow

The National Assembly Member for Janjanbureh, Omar Jammeh, expressed serious concerns about logistics in an exclusive interview with the Fatu Network. He attributes these challenges to issues that have arisen from the state in preparation for the much-anticipated Bicentenary commemoration of the existence of Janjanbureh, commonly known as MacCarthy Island. Originally named Lemain Island,

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“We are facing a lot of challenges, especially from the side of the state or the national organizing committee. As we speak right now, we have some logistics problems, more specifically, with food and accommodation,” Hon. Jammeh stressed.

He went on to say that despite the challenges, the inhabitants of the island are highly prepared for the commemoration, emphasizing the benefits the island stands to gain. This includes the recollections of the past, unifying the different tribes in the town and enhancing social development.

“It will make the island more visible, even though it’s known worldwide. We believe this event will also enhance business in the community. Both women and young people within the business sector will contribute to tourism, attracting more visitors to recognize the island.”

Hon. Jammeh stressed that there were plans to construct some magnifying tourist structures before the commencement of the event but attributed the failure to the government’s lack of funds. The atmosphere in Janjanbureh is lively, with lots of fanfare and some acrobatic displays ahead of the grand opening.

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