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Niamina Dankunku NAM Reacts to Allegations of Underrepresentation

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By Dawda Baldeh

The National Assembly Member for Niamina Dankunku Constituency, Honourable Samba Jallow, has responded to accusations of not adequately representing his constituents in parliament.

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Jallow has been the subject of recent criticism from a former parliamentary colleague who labelled his term unsuccessful. In an interview with The Fatu Network this week, Jallow strongly refuted these claims and accused his detractors of bias.

Having previously lost two elections with the National Reconciliation Party (NRP), Jallow secured a seat in the National Assembly in 2011 and has been successfully re-elected since. Hon. Jallow serves over twenty-six villages in his constituency.

He also stated that despite the representation by three other National Assembly Members, they have failed to bring about any change for the people of Niamina Dankunku.

“I decided to contest elections after three sitting members of parliament didn’t represent us satisfactorily,” he said.

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“Today, I am the best member of parliament Niamina Dankunku and people can attest to that.

“When I was elected there were a lot of underdevelopments in my constituency but today most of those problems have been solved,” he said.

As critics accused Hon. Jallow of not responding to the concerns of his constituents, he acknowledged that the only existing problem that’s given him sleepless nights is their major road linking Kungbiran, Kulaya to Sey Kunda among other communities.

“They are talking about a particular road and road construction is not the mandate of a member of parliament,” he said.

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He mentioned that he has been in discussions with the authorities regarding the construction of the road.

Jallow, one of the longest-serving members of the National Assembly, asserted that he has significantly contributed to his constituency.

“A lot of developments have happened in my constituency under my leadership.

“When I was elected there was no senior or junior school in my constituency but today, we have it.

“Access to water was a major problem and that is now history because there are boreholes across my constituency some of whom I initiated and others are done by partners,” he explained.

Jallow stressed that the road in his constituency is his major priority and he wants it constructed before the end of his tenure to serve as his legacy.

“It is unfair to criticize people without acknowledging my contributions.

“I have initiated projects such as street lights, boreholes, milling machines for women, and gardens in my constituency, yet these contributions are often overlooked by critics,” he stated.

The representative of Niamina Dankunku emphasized his desire to establish a positive legacy for the benefit of his growing children and to prevent any potential disgrace.

He remains hopeful that the road project will be finalized before the conclusion of his third term in office.

Additionally, Jallow has thrown down the gauntlet to his adversary, Kebba Nget, who previously represented Niamina Dankunku, challenging him to showcase the developments he achieved during his term.

“Kebba is criticizing me today, but he forgot that he served as a member of parliament without doing anything.

“The little improvements are under my tenure,” he added.

Jallow further told The Fatu Network that soon access to electricity will be a thing of the past in his constituency as electric poles are being erected all over by the Rural Electrification Project.

However, he mentioned that only two villages are benefiting from that project.

He revealed that he is working with the ministry to see how those villages can benefit before the project ends.

“When I was elected network was a problem but when I talked about it in the
parliament, Qcell responded and erected antennae in Dankunku, and Africell is also erecting their antenna.

“When I came there was no senior school in my constituency but two, we had a senior school in Dankunku and a Basic Cycle in Sey Kunda.

“MRC Holland Foundation has built fantastic classrooms in Jakoto school,” he narrated.

Jallow claimed that all those developments in his constituency happened due to his continuous engagement with the authorities.

On access to water, Hon. Jallow acknowledged to have found some villages accessing water.

However, he said villages like Barrow Kunda, Sinchu Nguri, and Sare Sambayel came directly from his intervention.

“I used my constituency development fund to help villages access water.

I have supported many villages with mailing machines, and some are from my pocket while others are from the CDF,” he concluded.

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