Monday, June 17, 2024

Mother in custody for drug Possession as importer son remains at large

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By Dawda Baldeh

Officials from the Drug Law Enforcement Agency (DLEAG) arrested a 58-year-old woman from Sukuta for possession of prohibited drugs, while her son, the alleged importer of the drugs, remained at large in the USA.

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In a statement seen by this outlet, the DLEAG detailed the investigation that culminated in the seizure of suspected narcotics, comprising 91 parcels of skunkweed and 1988 ecstasy tablets.

The DLEAG Sensitive Investigation Unit, alongside the Seaport Command, executed a landmark confiscation of 76 parcels with a total weight of 42kg 800g and 1988 ecstasy tablets on Saturday, 18th May 2024.

“Hulay is currently arrested and detained while Musa remains a fugitive in the United States of America,” DLEAG said.

The agency disclosed that this operation was preceded by the seizure of 15 parcels of skunkweed from the same source on Thursday April 18, 2024.

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In total, a record amount of 91 parcels of skunkweed and 1988 tablets of ecstasy were seized.

According to the agency, the breakthrough disrupts the criminal activities of a major Gambian skunk and Ecstasy trafficking ring based in Atlanta, Georgia – USA.

“The sender of the drugs is identified as 32-year-old Musa Keita, a Gambian based in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States of America,” the agency said.

Furthermore, the agency disclosed that Musa (the alleged importer) has imported into the Gambia since early 2021 a huge quantity of drugs in various consignments using unsuspecting container freight service providers.

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“The boxes will often be labelled with fake names and telephone numbers and declared as foodstuffs and medicaments for his mother.

His mother Hulay Touray, age 58 of Sukuta will receive the boxes from the shipper and serve as the first line in the local distribution chain,” DLEAG said.

Furthermore, DLEAG said since COVID-19, ecstasy has become a “drug of the problem’’ for the Gambia as many young people particularly girls are into the abuse.

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