Modou Lamin Jarju At Large, Umpa & Tamba Cooperating With Investigators

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Modou Lamin Jarju, the third former security officer who traveled with Generals Umpa Mendy and Ansumana Tamba on board Royal Air Maroc on the early hours of Saturday from Equatorial Guinea is at large according to security sources.

Shortly after arresting Tamba and Mendy, security officers headed to Jarju’s house at Cape Point but could not find him. It is believed that he must have gotten a tip off and fled via Cassamance to Senegal.

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The three arrived at the Banjul International Airport early Saturday morning with their luggage, filled out the airport disembarkation form and went through immigration without any hinderance.

Sources at the airport blamed the issue on the recent change of staff at the airport.

“New immigration officers were brought in recently, they do not know who they were and could not identify them” a source told The Fatu Network

“A staff of SIS called Kinteh was seen interacting with them upon arrival, we do not know what they discussed and we have no idea why he did not sound the alarm since he knows them” The source added.

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The source said he has no idea why the immigration department did not provide list of names and photos of people like Umpa, Jarju and Tamba to their staff at the airport for security reasons.

“Names of wanted people along with their photos should be sent to us so we know. Most of us do not know them because they never went through passport control during Jammeh’s days” The source concluded.

The three are said to have traveled to Banjul using ordinary passports and not the service passports issued to them. Does this mean that new passports were sent to them in Equatorial Guinea? That and many other questions are lingering on the minds of many.

Up until Sunday 8pm GMT, Modou Lamin Jarju is nowhere to be seen.

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Sources say the three did not travel with weapons to Banjul as they came through Casablanca where they went through security checks.

Meanwhile, Generals Mendy and Tamba are said to be cooperating with investigators.

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