Monday, July 22, 2024

MC Cham Jr: ‘Mayor Bensouda has a high chance of re-election

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Former opposition Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) campaign manager and now political commentator Momodou MC Cham Jr has stated that incumbent Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) Mayor Talib Ahmed Bensouda has a high chance of re-election following United Democratic Party’s (UDP) dominance in the just concluded Local Government elections in the Kanifing Municipality (KM).

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MC Cham was speaking to Star Fm Talk Show host Pa Nderry Touray this morning.

“Talib has a high chance to win again because all his councillors are back. This shows that people want him back to the council,” MC Cham asserted.

He said, historically, the ruling party always dominate local government elections in the rural area which he noted has changed in the recently concluded elections.

“This change shows that the rural people are now aware, and they are voting for development not based on bribery.

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The opposition parties are also reaching every corner to engage the people on their agendas,” he said.

According to the young politician, UDP securing more seats within KM in the councillorship election is a plus for Mayor Bensouda.

“The mayor has no executive power to do anything without the support from the councillors.

“The mayor needs the councillors to support him. This is why Bensouda has been campaigning for his councillors,” Mr Cham added.

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Asked about how he viewed the election, he responded: “Gambians are now voting for change. NPP has spent millions of dalasis on this election, but they can’t control the councils.”

MC Cham mentioned that Talib got more seats this year than in 2018 when he was campaigning with the president.

“In 2018 he got only 12 councillors but this year he secured 15 councillors.

This shows that the people of KMC have seen Talib’s work because the councillors he was with in 2018 are all back in the council,” he added.

Mr. Cham further explained that with all the allegations against Bensouda, there is no evidence to prove against him over the years.

“His biggest achievement is the ‘mbalit project.”

Before most of the places within KM were in a mess. Trash everywhere but now that has been a thing of the past,” he added.

He urged politicians to be flexible by not limiting themselves to only their parties so they can win the hearts of the electorate.

Commenting further on the election, MC Cham said: “I have the belief that the people of KMC have decided because they have shown that they want Talib back to the council.”

According to him, the government has put more focus on Talib with a lot of attacks and allegations without any evidence.

This, he added, is making people believe that the government is just using power against Talib.

“What happened in KMC should be a lesson to NPP because people are aware,” he said.

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