Monday, July 22, 2024

GAP National Admin Secretary Calls for Joint Campaign to End Corruption

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By: Dawda Baldeh

The National Administrative Secretary of the opposition Gambia Action Party (GAP), Badara Faal has called on all political parties to unanimously form an anti-corruption campaign to end what he described as “endless corruption practices in the government.”

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Speaking to The Fatu Network, the young politician said the problems of the country need to be addressed by all for the betterment of all.

“Fixing these problems is only possible through collective action by all political and non-political groups in-order to pass anti-corruption laws in parliament.

“We can do this by forming anti-corruption campaigns despite our political affiliations because we believe the government should work for every Gambian, not just a handful of people within the government and few others,” Badara told TFN.

In his view, Badara believes Gambians will be able to get rid of the corrupt political system, save the country, and fix everything else that’s broken in the country.

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Speaking on a range of issues, GAP Admin Secretary added, “The government is ours; we pay our taxes and so it needs to work for us and right now it is not.”

He noted that Gambians have been witnessing a total system failure in governance and something has to be done.

“It is the opposite of what we the Gambians had in mind when we maturely and democratically removed Yahya Jammeh and his dictatorial government from power in 2016.

This is a corrupt system in which we the people have almost zero per cent influence over our government, which is very sad,” he noted.

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According to him, young people believe their votes don’t matter hence they feel neglected by the government.

This he noted is not what Gambians fought for in 2016.

“The worse is by allowing this to happen, we’re causing the failure of the most important issues facing our nation today.

“Three out of every five Gambians are living below the poverty line.
Our health system is a mess.

The basic food commodities rate is escalating. Poor electricity and water supply, poor agricultural sector, losing our youthful population to migration, drugs, and imprisonment,” he emphasized.

To Badara the government has failed the citizens and will continue to fail them until everyone is involved in the fight against corruption and injustice for all.

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