Monday, April 22, 2024

Mayor Lowe Champions Zero Tolerance for Children on the Streets in Nuimi, Urges Women to Unite

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By: Dawda Baldeh

The Mayor of Banjul City Council and President of REFELA, Rohey Malick Lowe, has called on women across the country to unite and fight for their rights at a meeting held in Fass Njaga Choi, as part of REFELA’s tour.

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The meeting, attended by hundreds of women from different villages within Lower and Upper Nuimi, is part of the REFELA Gambia Chapter’s initiative to directly interact with women and discuss plans to address their needs.

“We should unite because we face similar challenges. Anyone who spoke here has difficulties accessing water, healthcare services, education for their children, gardening, markets, and adequate living conditions,” she told the audience of women in Fass Njaga Choi.

Mayor Lowe emphasized the importance of women uniting and fighting for their rights, highlighting their vulnerability and warning that division can only make them more vulnerable.

“We should support each other, and if one woman cries, the rest of us should also cry. I have been advocating for women’s empowerment, but whenever I turn my back, you return to old habits and start fighting amongst yourselves,” she added.

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Mayor Lowe urged women to refrain from engaging in activities that are often used for political gain.

She clarified that REFELA is not a political platform; its aim is to empower women and girls. She added that while everyone can engage in politics when the time comes, it is crucial for women to face reality and fight for their rights now.

“I oppose anyone who opposes women’s empowerment, but fighting for our rights is challenging because women may resist,” she said.

The REFELA President clarified that the organization is not a government initiative; it merely complements the government’s efforts.

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“We have various projects for women across the country, and we will continue advocating for women’s empowerment,” she noted.

The Mayor expressed heartfelt concerns after hearing testimonies from women who lack access to water, which exposes them and their children to unhygienic conditions.

She used the occasion to urge the central government to swiftly respond and address these urgent needs of women while assuring them of REFELA’s intervention.

Several other women outlined numerous challenges they face daily in making ends meet and supporting their families.

Access to water, gardening, market facilities, road infrastructure, education, and quality healthcare were among the common problems mentioned by different women representing various communities from Lower and Upper Nuimi.

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