LAMIN NJIE – OPINION: President Barrow has again shown he’s not serious about this job… Spending three days in a country where Gambia has no special interests is the height of idleness

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There are many things about President Adama Barrow’s Guinea trip but the one thing it has gravely put on view is just how unserious he is about the job of president.

I was on my way to work when the road was cleared for the president to pass. He was on his way to the airport – and I was around Westfield when his motorcade went past me. While the president was busy waving at the few people who appeared interested in seeing him, I was busy thinking what on this very large earth is so special for him to visit Guinea and spend three long days there.

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State House did not give much of the president’s Guinea trip. It only talked about bilaterals, the president touring sites and meeting Gambians.

Whatever President Barrow wants to do in Guinea, can be done within a day. If you take bilaterals, this takes nothing more than five hours on the part of serious world leaders. Another thing President Barrow also engages in wherever he travels is meeting Gambians. Both activities can be performed in less than a day.

The president needs to be a little bit more serious about some of the trips he makes. A few weeks ago, he announced he was travelling to Dubai to meet a private citizen. What serious president in this world does that?

But then I’m not entirely sure if State House is really honest about the president’s trip. Alpha Conde played a key role in having Jammeh leave power. While Conde and Jammeh aren’t the best of friends, reports abound their wives are related. Having the TRRC just ending and the president embarking on this trip is highly suspect and will only trigger questions whether this trip is in fact not about Jammeh.

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Guinea is not a country where Gambia has any special interests in, so spending a massive three days there as a leader is the height of idleness.

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