Justice Na Ceesay Sallah Wadda, a senior judge at The Gambia court of appeal has been dismissed effective Wednesday, August 24. Sallah was first dismissed in 2008 with Justice BY Camara but they were both reinstated later.


A source told The Fatu Network that Sallah is the most senior court of appeal judge, the source added that she was at the court of appeal together with Justice Agim who was later appointed as chief justice. The source added that many were anticipating Sallah’s dismissal a long time ago.


Another source have informed us that Justice minister, Mama Fatima Singhateh is the one behind Sallah’s dismissal. Mama according to the source does not like Sallah and have been doing everything possible to get rid of her, this the source added is the reason why Sallah was all the time sidelined many times at work.


Since dictator Jammeh came to power, a lot of Gambian magistrates and Judges have been routinely sacked probably because they always tend to hesitate to be used against their own people in the regime’s misuse of the justice delivery system which Justice minister Mama Singhateh is a champion of.