Monday, June 17, 2024

Grim Story About A Gambian Arrested And Slaughtered Then Fed To Jammeh’s Crocodiles

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The Fatu Network has for the past three weeks been investigating the horrific story of a middle aged man based in Kotu, in the Kanifing municipality. The man who is yet to be identified was arrested by a team of dictator Jammeh’s ‘Junglers’ (assassin team) led by one Lt. Sanneh, who is said to be the intelligence officer of The Junglers.

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The Fatu Network is also not able to verify what crimes the said Kotu man might have committed but he was arrested by almost half a dozen junglers based in the dictator’s home town of Kanilai. The arresting officers according to our sources picked the man from his home in Kotu and immediately covered his head with a hood and then transported him immediately to Kanilai. This procedure according to the same source is to make sure that the man does not know where he is being transported to.


However, our sources revealed that the arresting officers immediately sped off to Kanilai and upon arrival, the arrested man whose face was still covered, was forced out of the vehicle and had his throat slit without asking any questions or allowing him to plead his innocence/guilt.

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Horrifically according to our sources, while the man was struggling to die, he was immediately thrown into the crocodile infested pond.


It would be recalled that The Fatu Network posted on our Facebook page demanding that anyone whose relative had gone missing from Kotu, should contact us for details and basically it was this particular story that we wanted to get confirmation about.

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Facebook post


The Fatu Network is still following up on this particular story and we are requesting that anyone whose family is still missing from the Kotu  area and has not establish contact with them, should contact The Fatu Network to help us in our further investigations into this cruel act of barbarism inflicted on innocent Gambians by dictator Yahya Jammeh and his junglers.

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