Monday, June 17, 2024

JS Sanneh Advises IGP to Drop the Case Against BAC Chairman

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By: Sainabou Gassama

Ibrahim JS Sanneh, a former independent candidate who contested against Hon. Yankuba Darboe in the Brikama Area Council chairmanship election, has urged the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to immediately dismiss the case against Hon. Yankuba Darboe, the Brikama Area Council Chairman, and prioritize peace.

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Sanneh advised the state to consider discontinuing the case due to the potential threat it poses to the peace and stability of the country, especially in the West Coast Region. He emphasized, “The people of the West Coast have spoken.”

He pointed out that the state has failed to expedite the case and deliver a verdict before the chairmanship election. He stressed the significance of timing in all actions.

Additionally, he emphasized the importance of prioritizing the nation’s interests in all decisions made by both citizens and the state. Sanneh urged every citizen to respect the country’s laws, regardless of their status, for the sake of national peace and stability. He argued, “To err is human. If Hon. Yankuba Darboe is alleged to have committed a crime by insulting judges or anyone else and has subsequently apologized for his actions, the state or any concerned party should have forgiven him, allowing us to move forward.”

He cautioned against pursuing the case further at this time, as it might incite reactions from the electorate that could have unfavorable consequences. Sanneh reminded that Darboe, as the Chairman of the largest region in the country, is no longer an ordinary citizen, and over 77,000 people voted to place him in that office.

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However, he made it clear that he wasn’t suggesting that the state had no case against Darboe, as that should be determined by the country’s laws. Nonetheless, he stressed the importance of prioritizing the country’s interests when dealing with sensitive matters.

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