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Jokadou Residents Hail Bai Saine for Massive Distribution of Office Wear and Bags Worth D645,000

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By: Dawda Baldeh

The residents of Jokadou District in the North Bank Region have praised Bai Saine, a resident of Kerr Omar Siane, for his massive distribution of office wear and bags worth over six hundred and forty-five thousand dalasi.

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Saine, who many describe as a champion in impacting the lives of the people of Jokadou, was defeated in the 2022 parliamentary election by a margin of 12 votes. Despite this, he has continued his development initiatives, significantly benefiting many in the district.

During the weekend, he impressed the district with a donation of clothes and office bags. The donated items include three thousand trousers and one hundred bags worth over six hundred thousand dalasi (D645,000). The beneficiaries include ten schools, hospitals, police stations, the office of the chief, and villages within Jokadou District.

The support came through Ma Ebou Cham, a resident of Jokadou currently living in Hong Kong, China, in collaboration with Bai Saine.

“This is not politically motivated; it is for the development of our beloved district. The majority of the beneficiaries, especially the teachers, nurses, and police officers, are not residents of Jokadou,” Saine told reporters.

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The determined young politician informed the beneficiaries that the support is among many initiatives he plans to carry out. “This is what we can do for our district because the government cannot do it alone. Between 2022 and today, I have supported the district of Jokadou with materials worth over one million one hundred and seventy-five thousand eight hundred dalasis through partnership support,” he added.

Mr. Saine narrated that these interventions include street light projects, boreholes, gardens, Ramadan gifts, and cash prizes.

On behalf of the schools that benefited from the gesture, Alhagie Kujabi, Head Master of Kerr Ali Hawa Lower Basic School, expressed profound gratitude to Bai Saine and his partners for the generous donation. “We are grateful for this historic support. Despite losing the parliamentary election in 2022, Bai has continued his development initiatives for the district. We are here to serve the people,” he said.

Mr. Kujabi urged people to desist from politicizing every development initiative and focus on the country’s development. “I am from Foni, but today I’m serving the people of Jokadou because we are all Gambians. So, this is not politics, and we have to support each other,” he explained. Furthermore, Mr. Kujabi used the occasion to call on parents to allow their children to go to school.

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Another speaker also emphasized the need for people to stop hating each other. “This support is beneficial because it means a lot to us. Politics is not bad, but we need to engage in a decent political dialogue. We can’t fight each other because of politics,” he pleaded. He added that supporting the schools will improve the quality of education. “When it’s time for politics, we can vote for the people we want, but after that, let’s work together and develop our country,” he added.

Malick Jammeh, Councilor for Kerr Jarga Ward, echoed similar sentiments about the important role Bai is playing in the development of Jokadou District. Saturday’s event was made possible with the support of partners who believe in Bai’s innovative approach to improving the quality of life in Jokadou District.

Bai is a young politician interested in the parliamentary seat for Jokadou District, gaining popularity due to what many describe as the good reputation he has earned.

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