‘Jammeh not in alliance with NPP’: Jeffrey Smith says false headlines in Gambia over NPP-APRC alliance

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International human rights advocate Jeffrey Smith has contended that headlines that President Adama Barrow has formed an alliance with former President Yahya Jammeh are misleading and false.

“Some decent context here on Gambia, especially in light of misleading and false headlines of the past few days. Importantly: No, former dictator Yahya Jammeh is not in a formal alliance with the ruling party. And no, he hasn’t been granted amnesty,” Smith, sharing a DW story dubbed ‘Rights groups decry Jammeh’s possible return’ in a tweet said.

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Smith had earlier tweeted that the NPP-APRC alliance is an informal election merger between two political parties.

“This informal election alliance is between two political parties, not President Barrow and Jammeh as many headlines would suggest.

“Jammeh has not been granted amnesty – that is for Gambian courts to decide,” Smith said.

Opinion remains hugely split over the APRC’s decision to form an alliance with President Adama Barrow’s NPP.

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While there are people who insist it’s the best way forward for the country to come together, many also say it’s a betrayal on the part of President Barrow in bringing former President Jammeh to account over the human rights violations and abuses that took place under his 22 years rule.

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