Monday, February 26, 2024

‘I will work for The Gambia until my last breath’ — Pres. Barrow vows ’till death do us part’ to The Gambia

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By: Dawda Baldeh

President Adama Barrow has made a solemn pledge to tirelessly dedicate himself towards the development of his country until his very last breath at a joint meeting held in Somita, Foni Brefet Constituency.

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The President acknowledged the enormity of the responsibility that comes with being elected among millions of people and reiterated that he has no desire for any personal gain or compensation, but rather his focus is solely on serving the people of his country and advancing their interests.

“Even if I construct diamond roads in the country, I cannot pay the Gambian people for what they do for me.

“To be elected among millions is a huge achievement. So, I owe the Gambians a lot and I will work for The Gambia until my last breath,” he vowed.

The Gambian leader told the people of Foni that under his leadership, he would make sure they get their share of national development.

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President Barrow reiterated his commitment to improving the lives of every Gambian citizen irrespective of their political differences.

He encouraged the people of Foni to reunite and work with the government for the advancement of the country.

“What happened today is historic in Foni. In this platform, we have two opposition National Assembly Members (former and current) to speak on the same platform.

“It has never happened, and this signifies that there is democracy in our country,” he added.

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Barrow further commended the people of Foni for the warm welcome they accorded him and his entourage as he wrapped up engagements with Foni constituents.

The Gambian leader was speaking in Somita village in the Foni Brefet Constituency as part of his ongoing nationwide Meet-The-People’s Tour to interact directly with constituents.

The president and his entourage are expected to continue holding similar meetings in the Greater Banjul Area and other settlements on Saturday 2nd November 2023.

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