Monday, June 17, 2024

How To Get Good Grades

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Omar Drammeh

Seminole High School, FL

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Dear Editor,

I will appreciate if you can please publish this piece, my peers may find it useful.

How to get good grades. (Opinion)

I would want to start this by stating that I am different from your common person. I rather listen to my judgement than that of others. I do not mean to be brash, but that is the truth.

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I recommend getting ready for our atemporal time together. Now, when I was in Gambia, I did not remember getting grades at all; but in America, it is different. America is based on grades. To get good grades, a person must make sacrifices. This is what I was once told: “work now play later or play now then work later.”

I took this to heart and got a new mindset: finish what you are given. This is for parents with children around the world. To get good grades, a person must realize that things get difficult, and always will.

Miyamoto Musashi once wrote: “It may seem difficult at first, but everything is difficult at first.”

I believe that anyone can get good grades if they are obstinate about it. People must realize that the amount of time they put in is what they get in return. You cannot expect to turn in work that is not complete and get a good grade for it. If you are not ready to spend hours working, you will never truly realize the feeling of being accomplished.

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If you know you are going to go to school for a while, why not just do better? I take my time when I work, there is no hurry.

Teachers should not have to teach students proper etiquette. If teachers have to work hard for students, then it is only logical for students to return the favor. I know that this is not an actual explanation on how to get good grades, but this is how I do it.

Everyone is different, and there are plenty of different ways to get good grades. I keep a mindset the whole time. One reason why people cannot get good grades is peer pressure. People feel the need to be like someone. It is fatuous to be bad. 

When I decide that I want to be like somebody, I think of morals and a conscience first. I myself have not reached the best that I can do. There is always a way to do better. I hardly even believe in the word “perfect.”

In order to get good grades people must think before getting affected by peer pressure, make sacrifices, and respect the people older than them. 

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