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HELLO MR PRESIDENT… Has the Government Lost Control of Security…?

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In the past month alone, there have been reports of people being arrested with guns; and numerous murders reported in the country. Also, there have been several daylight robberies (some break-ins and others, highway attacks). This is becoming a menace and needs your urgent attention.

Last week, an American friend who is interested in the welfare of the Gambia spoke to me about her concerns over the security situation. She reported that she witnessed an attack on the Bertil Harding Highway where gunmen forcefully seized belongings of people in a vehicle and got away with it. Unacceptable!

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According to my sources, these happenings have become common occurrences in the rural areas. Sometime ago, the attacks were happening in provincial Gambia. These came to a halt (or so it seemed) when the police arrested a gang in their hideaway. However, it seems now that the attacks have moved to the urban areas.

Mr President, the rate of murders in the country is alarming and the police are not equipped enough to deal with it. It is important that something urgent and decisive be done to ensure that the general public who voted you into office are assured of a solution to these increasing problems. Nothing is worse than having your loved one murdered and then not knowing whether or not the culprit will be found or not.

The government has to come up with a way to arrest these murderers and bring them to justice. We must give the security forces the training they need, and the equipment required to investigate and close cases quicker. That will also mean giving the police the needed funds. This is what will give reassurance to the public.
Another very important aspect of this solution, Mr President, is the short-term confidence that the general public needs to have in you and your government. The citizenry voted you into office and gave you all what you need to deliver. When therefore murders become common occurrence, it is expected that you come out and speak to the nation and reassure the people. Since these killings started, the public hasn’t heard from you or your Minister of the Interior.

As I have said before, the primary duty of a government is the protection of its citizens. This means that the government is responsible for providing security of the person and property of the people. That also includes giving assurances to the people periodically. It is essential for you to speak to the nation on this issue.
People are losing confidence in your government’s ability to ensure security; and you can’t afford not to have the confidence of the people who voted you into office.
Have a Good Day Mr President…

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