Monday, June 17, 2024

GPU President Urges Journalists to Desist from Personal Attacks and Embrace Camaraderie in Serving Public Interest

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By: Dawda Baldeh

In an effort to unite journalists under one umbrella, regardless of their status and differences, the President of The Gambia Press Union (GPU), Muhammed S. Bah, also known as MS Bah, has called on journalists to refrain from engaging in personal attacks and to foster camaraderie in serving the public interest.

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Bah made these remarks yesterday at the opening of MAJaC Week held at the Gambia Pastoral Institute, addressing a cheerful crowd of journalism students and professionals.

“Unfortunately, nowadays, some of our colleagues who should be setting standards and creating progress are often seen engaging in personal attacks and discussing issues that are not relevant to public discourse. I advise you, as young students of this great institution (MAJaC), not to fall into these practices, as it will be a detrimental venture that can critically undermine and dilute your professionalism and your role as journalists serving the people,” he advised.

Bah encouraged journalists to adopt a positive and humanistic approach to addressing issues, emphasizing that their ultimate goal should be to serve the public interest without fear or favor.

He stressed the importance of unity among journalists to empower each other and show solidarity rather than focusing on irrelevant issues.

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“Journalism education plays a crucial role in shaping a more informed, empowered, and democratic society. This will help address challenges such as endemic corruption and abuse of office, which are prevalent in this country,” he added.

Furthermore, Bah emphasized the need for well-trained, ethical, and courageous journalists, noting that the demand for such professionals has never been greater. He commended MAJaC’s role in professionalizing journalism in The Gambia.

“At MAJaC, we are not merely educating students but contributing to the future of journalism to help shape this country and consolidate our democracy,” he narrated.

Highlighting the significance of MAJaC Week, Bah reminded the students that this event is a testament to their holistic approach to education, where learning extends beyond the classrooms.

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“It is where students harness their potentials across various fields, ranging from sports, modeling, debates, poetry, public speaking, and news presentation, among other vital areas,” he said.

He expressed admiration for the dedication demonstrated by MAJaC students in the field of journalism and encouraged them to remain committed and change the narrative in journalism.

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