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Gibbie Barry’s Quest: Seeking Support for a Borehole to Transform Dreams into Reality

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By: Dawda Baldeh

27-year-old Gibbie Barry is a school dropout who resides in Sinchu Kundu in the Niamina East District of The Gambia, approximately 400 kilometers from Banjul.

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He is seeking support to install a borehole in his garden.

Young Gibbie embarked on his gardening journey in 2020 after discontinuing his education due to various challenges.

Despite possessing a deep passion for agriculture, Gibbie is encountering difficulties in turning his dream into reality.

Currently utilizing a large space behind his father’s house in the village for his gardening project, Gibbie faces obstacles that hinder the realization of his aspirations.

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When The Fatu Network contacted him about his journey and the challenges he is facing, Gibbie wasted no time expressing that he only requires a borehole to make his dream a reality.

“I have never planned to abandon gardening even though the challenges are significant. I am planning to take a break from gardening if I don’t have the support to pursue a side hustle. When I raise the money to drill a borehole, I will come back to my garden. I want my garden to be my office, and with support, people will see different things…” he promised.

Gibbie’s dream is to have a functioning borehole in his garden to facilitate his daily watering activities. Additionally, he utilizes the vegetables from his garden to feed his family and sometimes provides them to friends free of charge.

More details to come…

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Anyone willing to support Gibbie in obtaining a borehole can contact him at +220 261 0969 or reach out to The Fatu Network at +220 3341268.

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