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Dead body found in Bonto: Cause of death yet to be established, police say

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By: Muhammed Lamin Drammeh

The Deputy Regional Crime Officer in West Coast Region, Assistant Superintendent Amadou Kujabi, has said the police are yet to establish the cause of death of an unidentified body, which was discovered in Bonto Village, West Coast Region, on January 30, despite the widespread speculation that it was burnt to death.

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On January 30th, a case of a discovered dead body, which was found between Bonto and Kuloro, was reported at the Mandinba Police Station.

When the case was reported, according to Assistant Superintendent Kujabi, the police rushed to the scene, took the dead body, and placed it in a mortuary, pending further investigation.

“We have made our observations around the vicinity, and we have also invited as well. The investigation is still ongoing,” ASP Kujabi told the press.

He added that the police have also requested for a post-mortem of the body, to establish the cause of death. He said it might be because the body could be there for a long time and get decayed, rather than being burnt as perceived.

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“We have requested for a postmortem to establish the cause of the death. As of now, we don’t know if the body was really burnt. What we can establish is the body has been lying there for a long time, probably for about a week or so,” he told the press.

Additionally, the Regional Crime Officer of West Coast Region, Boto Keita, told the journalists that there is only one eyewitness, who informed the police that the dead man was a suspected lunatic, who, before discovering the dead body, was going and coming around the vicinity with bottles filled with water or empty bottles. He said the witness stated that the suspected lunatic he had been seeing, is actually the dead body.

The police are arranging for a pathologist to examine the dead body to establish the cause of the death, while other investigations are still ongoing.

At the time of writing this, there has not been any claim of a missing person, leaving the police with no further details of the unknown dead body.

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