Friday, July 19, 2024

German police’s fatal shooting of Touray ignites fear in Gambian immigrants 

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By Dawda Baldeh

Fear has gripped the Gambian immigrant community in Germany following the fatal shooting of a Gambian national by German police, who was alleged to have threatened his girlfriend and resisted arrest.

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Lamin Touray was accused of threatening his girlfriend and resisting arrest, which led to his brutal killing by German police officers. The incident, captured in a disturbing video, has prompted public outcry and calls for swift action by Gambian authorities to ensure justice is served.

Many Gambians expressed their shock and anger at the excessive use of force by the German police. Some questioned why five armed officers could not subdue a man with only a knife, suggesting alternative methods such as tasers or shooting at non-fatal areas.

One Lamin Tamba commented on the video posted by What’s On Gambia “The brother was brutally murdered by German police, with excessive force used.”

He questioned how five armed police officers did not deal with a guy with just a knife.

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“What happened to Tasers or just shooting the arm of that hand that had the knife or lead, if no Taser was available? The racist thugs just murdered him. No other explanations, unless what is reported isn’t accurate.”

There were also claims that similar incidents involving the killing of Gambians have gone unnoticed and unreported in the past.

Another Facebook user, Lamin Sanneh living abroad, commented: “In [the] summer, they used to kill many in a river, especially where I’m living near France, but no news will publish it. Even citizens will be killed but nobody says anything.”

One Mustapha Sanyang claimed that the investigation will not go far, saying it is just a political approach to gain support from the people they are oppressing.

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Critics have raised doubts about the effectiveness of the investigation, labeling it as a mere political move to appease the oppressed population. They argue that the German police should have been able to handle the situation without resorting to fatal force.

Some individuals have threatened to take to the streets of Germany and protest if the German authorities fail to provide a satisfactory explanation for the unjustified killing.

Demanding justice for the deceased, many have condemned the unprofessional conduct of the police officers involved.

“The killing was brutal and racially motivated. The German police are equipped with the necessary tools and technique to subject an allegedly knife-wielding man without direct fatal shooting,” said one Minka Ebrima Ceesay.

Baaba Polo Boy Kanyi also threatened that they would storm the German streets if the German authorities didn’t provide any tangible reason for the unjustified murder.

They criticize the government’s press release, stating that previous investigations have often lacked transparency and accountability.

In response to the incident, the Gambian Ministry of Information issued a press release expressing concern and announcing that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation, and Gambians Abroad are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the killing.

However, some have voiced skepticism, citing previous incidents where investigations yielded no public outcome.

The tragic killing of Lamin Touray in Germany has deeply affected the Gambian community, and they are calling for accountability and justice in this case.

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