Sunday, July 21, 2024

GDC leader vows to end deportation if he becomes president

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By Dawda Baldeh

Mamma Kandeh, the leader of the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), has pledged to halt the deportation of Gambian migrants if he is elected as President.

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Speaking at a recent rally in Jimara before hundreds of supporters, Kandeh emphasized that the regular deportation of Gambian citizens is exacerbating the country’s poverty and unemployment rates.

He also declared that President Barrow’s leadership was over, asserting his own impending takeover.

“The Gambian youths have nothing from this government apart from deportations when they travel abroad,” Kandeh said.

He vowed that no Gambian would be deported under the leadership of GDC. “We will not sign such an agreement because we don’t know anything about their journey.

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“I see no reason to sign for our youths to be deported and this was not happening during Jammeh’s era.”

The opposition leader further questioned the recent deportation of Gambian migrants and blamed the current government for not prioritizing the interests of its youthful population.

“I am not saying a GDC government will not cooperate with the world, but we will put the interest of the Gambians first.

“The Westerns that are asking us to enter into such agreements are pursuing their interests and they came to Africa to exploit all our resources,” he added.

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Kandeh further informed his supporters that under his leadership Gambians will travel abroad without facing deportation.

However, he clarified that any agreement a government led by him will enter must be of mutual interest.

“We will not do what this government is doing by deporting our poor youths who sacrificed their lives to make ends meet,” he added.

He reiterated that Africa must unite and develop its continent without continuing to be seen as baggers. “We must utilize our resources and develop our countries,” he concluded.

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