Monday, June 17, 2024

GDC Describes Dr. Sabally’s Allegations Against Kandeh as “False and Misleading”

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By Dawda Baldeh

The Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) has refuted allegations levelled by the Minister of Agriculture, Dr Demba Sabally, against its leader Mamma Kandeh, labelling them as false and misleading.

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Dr. Sabally charged Kandeh with confining the aspirations of the youth to football and jesting, and of women to mere cooking while speaking at a meeting during the Presidential Industrial Visit.

Ebrima Nyang, the GDC’s administrative secretary, asserted that these allegations are unfounded and deceptive.

Furthermore, he noted that Dr. Sabally has accused Kandeh of attempting to instigate discord between the security forces and the government, an accusation that the GDC deems offensive.

Nyang clarified that Kandeh’s actual request was to provide food support for the security forces during the OIC period, responding to their concerns over food shortages.

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The GDC holds that Kandeh’s message to the youth is to take ownership of their nation and not exchange their future for material items.

They also stressed the significance of prioritizing skill development for a brighter future, instead of depending on football, jerseys, and cooking pots to garner votes.

Nyang further elaborated that Kandeh aimed to assist the security forces by supplying food during the OIC summit.

He urged the Minister of Agriculture to concentrate on rejuvenating the agricultural sector rather than levying unfounded accusations.

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Nyang also declared that the Barrow administration has been unsuccessful, and their recent strategies will not aid them in the upcoming 2026 elections.

He implored the minister to tackle the challenges that farmers encounter, citing a considerable failure in the agricultural sector in the previous farming season.

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