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Gambian hijab model Muloshi urges women to not give up on hijab amidst criticism

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By: Lolly Sowe

Fatima Muloshi, a 22-year-old Gambian hijab model and the CEO of Modest Modelling Agency, has called on women who want to become hijab models by covering their bodies as Islam dictated, urging them to not give up on making sure they achieve their dreams.

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In an exclusive interview with The Fatu Network, she made these remarks while urging her fellow women to not let criticism hold them back from becoming the type of hijab models they want to be.

“We are covering our bodies/heads, not our brains. If you want to become a modest model, don’t allow anyone to let you down. Dressing decent is something that everyone should support,” she explained.

Modest models use different styles to cover their bodies, head scarf for some Muslim women. For many such women, the hijab signifies both modesty and privacy.

She further called on people to embrace hijab.

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Muloshi described the hijab company as a great way to make money and normalize hijab and modest fashion to help more Muslim women.

“Being a hijab model or having a hijab company is not easy in the Gambia because a lot of people think fashion is only about wearing clothes that will expose people’s bodies. No. It is way beyond that,” she explained.

Young Muloshi whose ambition to become a global model superstar said she has been doing a lot of research on modest fashion which is tremendously evolving all over the globe.

A hijab model is a fashion in which women show off different styles, including various methods to tie and wear scarves for different occasions.

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“I have attended many fashion shows in the Gambia but there was none for modest wear. When I asked some women who were doing modelling before they told me that they quit because there was no platform for them,” she added.

The young model noted that she wants to change the narrative and inspire young women who want to be hijabis through her modelling agency.

She mentioned that she decided to create a platform for young women who were thinking of quitting hijab so that they can continue following their dreams.

Narrating the challenges they continue to face, Muloshi said some people see modelling as an odd style.

“I attended a competition in the Gambia where only one competitor was a hijab, and some people see that as odd. I believe that’s why she didn’t win in the end,” she added.

The hijab models agency CEO noted that if other countries are embracing hijab why not Gambia?

Through her young platform, Muloshi is now offering modest training, advertisement, consultancy, and pageantry event for young people.

“My agency offers exercise such as catwalk, training, consultation & mentoring, and good behaviour,” she added.

Like many other young entrepreneurs, Muloshi said they are facing a lot of obstacles ranging from criticism, and financial hardship among others.

She mentioned that her vision is to expand her Modest Modelling Agency to reach the international level, as her dream is to organize modest fashion shows around the world.

For Muslim women, the hijab serves as an identity that reflects their modesty and strong beliefs, or what is called “imaan”.

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