Thursday, July 25, 2024

Gambian Corporal Ahmed Sanyang Honoured as Top Student at Pakistan’s Gold Medal Army School

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By Alieu Jallow

Corporal Ahmed Sanyang from the Gambia Armed Forces has been honoured as the most outstanding student at the Gold Medal Army School of Physical Training in Kakul, Pakistan.

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Originating from Niggie, a secluded village in Kombo East, Corporal Sanyang enlisted in the Army in 2007.

He was initially assigned to the first infantry battalion, where he served for eight years. Following this, he was transferred to the second infantry battalion. His potential as an instructor was recognized there, leading to his deployment to the GAF training school.

This promising soldier is one of the 300 participants from around the globe who are partaking in training at Kakul, from March 25 to June 14, 2024.

Throughout the training, the young soldier completed various courses, including unarmed combat, rapid attack and defence strategies, techniques for unarmed versus bayonet combat, sentry elimination and counter-tactics, internal security procedures, methods of arrest, and the principles of self-defence, among others.

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At the culmination of the training, he received a gold medal as the most distinguished student, an acknowledgement for being the fittest among international participants, and a certificate.

Corporal Sanyang expressed that the accolades will significantly honour and enhance his career. He advises his fellow young soldiers on the virtues of diligence, as it yields rewards. In the same vein, he motivates everyone to embrace commitment, dedication, and discipline, as these are crucial to achieving success.

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