Monday, July 22, 2024

Gambia: Human Rights Lawyer Says Perpetrators Still Working In The Security Forces

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Human Rights Lawyer, Marion Volkmann has said that security officers who knew about the 2005 killings of 50 West African migrants are still working in the new government.

Ms Volkmann who worked on several Commission of Inquiry including the trial of Habre, former Chadian President told journalists at a press conference that the alleged officers refused to cooperate with the UN and the African investigations team but she did not revealed their names.

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“Some of them are still serving in the security,” Marion Volkmann said.

The Human Rights Lawyer accused Gambian authorities of destroying evidences before the UN and African investigators when they arrived in the country.

“Yahya Jammeh was a prime suspect. We know the Junglers were involved but the instructions were given by him,” she said.

The renowned Lawyer strongly emphasized the need for a political will in the country to be able to gather more evidence from the security who were involved at the time.

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