Monday, June 17, 2024

Gainako Bah Launched His Samba Video Album on Saturday, November 19th

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By: Alieu Jallow

Gainako Bah launched his Samba video album on Saturday, November 19th. Hailing from Sintet village in Foni, Gainako Bah began his musical journey in the forest, tending to his family’s cattle and listening attentively to the inspiring chirping sounds of birds. He met renowned Gambian artist Njie B the conqueror, drawing inspiration from their encounter.

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During the launch, Tijan Bah, Gainako’s manager, described him as a focused young man dedicated to growing his musical career. Tijan stressed that Gainako’s initial focus was on reggae, with most of his songs in English, but advised him to shift focus to Fula, embracing his Fula culture to strengthen relations with Senegalese sensational artist Baba Maal.

Gainako Bah expressed his use of Fula music as a brand to signify his cultural heritage, expressing gratitude to Baba Maal for unwavering support and contributions to his musical career.

The artist called on Gambians to embrace peaceful coexistence and to respect the fundamental principles of their newly found democracy. The launch was attended by Gainako’s fans, loved ones, and musical promoters.

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