Former Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan Poisoned in The Gambia!!!

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In December 2013, Ayoub Aliris, the Chef at Coco Ocean Hotel in The Gambia was charged with “negligence and food poisoning on Jonathan and his delegation.”   He was alleged to have committed the offense during the then Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan’s two-day official State visit to the West African country in November of the same year.  Jonathan suffered a major stomach upset which required him to seek medical attention at a London hospital.  Babucarr Gomez, a cook at the said hotel was the primary prosecution witness.  Ayoub denied all charges.

As it turns out, Ayoub was right in proclaiming his innocence – he was framed in a scheme that will make for a blockbuster Nollywood voodoo theme movie.  Superstitious undertakings have and continue to cost many lives in Africa because of the sheer irresponsible nature of their execution to the health of their intended targets even if harming the person’s wellbeing is not even the secondary goal.


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Unconfirmed reports from sources on the ground have it that Modou Jatta, the Chief Security, Household at the Statehouse was picked up this Monday, December 1, 2015 by agents of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) for unknown reasons.  Faturadio is trying to determine, if true, the reasons as to why he is being held.

Unimpeachable sources at the State house have confirmed to Faturadio that President Yahya Jammeh was the one responsible for Goodluck Jonathan’s food poisoning and that it was this Modou Jatta that he used to execute his plan that almost cost the former Naija President his life.

According to these sources, Jammeh is a strong believer in voodoo and witchcraft.  He also believes that a special concoction of herbs, Islamic scriptures, bananas, and water can produce magical results.  This is the main ingredient behind his “AIDS Cure”.  It was in this vein that he believed he could cast a spell on Jonathan that would make the Naija President to do anything he (Yahya) asks him to do – essentially making Goodluck unwillingly dance to his tunes, by using one of these concoctions.  This concoction is called “Saffara” in the local Wollof language.

Once Jonathan was in town for his visit, a special dinner was organized in his honor at the Coco Ocean Hotel, one of the finest in the region.  According to our sources, before the meal, Yahya gave the “Saffara” to Modou Jatta with special instructions – give the concoction to the cooks in the kitchen of the hotel and ask them to put it in President Jonathan’s food.  The Nigerian had a three course meal and the “Saffara” was put in the main course which was seafood served on a main dish plate.

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When Jonathan fell ill, which was not the intent, Jammeh got nervous according to these sources.  To cover his tracks, he immediately instructed Saul Badjie to order the arrest of the cooks at Coco Ocean Hotel, blame them for everything, and they have since been languishing in the notorious Mile 2 prisons.  The Nigerian President who would eventually lose his reelection to Muhammadu Buhari, it seems has since recovered from the illness caused by this incident – Thank God!

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