Gambia’s Dictator Fires All Deputy Service Chief For Failing To Manage His Rented Crowd

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Gambia’s unpredictable President, Yahya Jammeh has dismissed with immediate effect, all deputy service chiefs of the security forces except the deputy Inspector General of police.

According to security sources, the dismissal is related to the chaotic manner in which the presidential security details were handled and managed during the President’s dialogue with the People tour which started in the first week of November.

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One of our sources said the President was particularly angry with the manner in which security forces accompanying him on his tour managed a crowd of onlookers at his public meeting in Gunjur, Kombo South in the Western Region of The Gambia.

Our sources said the crowd in Gunjur was not only chaotic but also at some point disinterested in what was being said at the meeting to the point that a section of the crowd became much of a nuisance.

At some point according to sources, the deputy inspector general of police, had to intervene himself to personally lead efforts to bring in some form of decorum by trying to control the crowd.

A rather red-faced President who is believed to be seriously sick, blamed his senior security officials on tour with him for not effectively managing the crowd leading to their dismissal.

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It has to be noted that President Yahya Jammeh uses all kinds of underhand tactics to potray an image that he is liked and adored by the people. He travels with rented crowds by using the national radio and television to advance and cultivate this personality cult syndrome.

But since the beginning of the tour in November, local people have been turning their backs on a President who has now become a lonely, dejected dictator for his numerous failed promises that have repeatedly been made without being fulfilled.

Fatu Radio will continue to monitor the situation and will update our audience as soon as any new information comes out.

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