Sunday, July 21, 2024

Ensuring Safe and Efficient Transport: PURA Wraps Up Training for 70 Petroleum Road Tankers

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By Alieu Jallow

The Public Utility and Regulatory Authority concluded a four-day health, safety, and environment training for seventy petroleum road tanker drivers on Thursday.

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The training aimed to ensure that tanker truck drivers meet the mandatory health and safety requirements for transporting dangerous goods and to enhance their competence in defensive driving.

Oil tanker trucks, designed to transport large quantities of fuel across countries or regions, lack the agility of smaller vehicles due to their size and weight. Therefore, operating these tankers demands extra care and skill.

In The Gambia, accidents have frequently resulted from driving negligence due to distractions such as phone use, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and speeding.

In response, PURA, the regulator for downstream petroleum, organized this training to bolster health and safety standards in the petroleum industry.

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At the closing ceremony, Solo Seyma, Deputy Managing Director of PURA, expressed his confidence and encouraged the participants to utilize the acquired skills and knowledge to collectively enhance health and safety in the petroleum sector.

“I would like to urge all the participants to apply and share the knowledge gathered here so that we can collectively improve health and safety in the petroleum sector. Feel free to continue engaging us, ask questions, and share your insights. Let’s continue working as partners because we are collectively in this together,” he said.

The PURA deputy harbours the hope that the training will establish a solid foundation and act as a strong incentive for enhanced partnerships aimed at improving compliance and fortifying the regulatory framework to ensure better health and safety practices for everyone.

A participant, representing the others, guaranteed the authorities that they would apply the knowledge acquired effectively.

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The training encompassed various modules, including Defensive Driving, Spill Prevention and Response, Vehicle Stability and Dynamics, Tyre Safety, Specific Driving Conditions, and Traffic Regulations and Signs, among others.

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