Monday, June 17, 2024

Dictator Jammeh’s Mother Collapses again; First Lady Zineb Complains About Her Presence At State House

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The Fatu Network has received a breaking news from Banjul that Asombi Bojang, dictator Yahya Jammeh mother has collapsed at her residence from a diabetic attack. She was rushed to The Edward Francis Smalls hospital but was later moved to The State House from instructions by the dictator himself to cover up any public attention.

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According to our sources, a group of Syrian doctors have since been attending to the old woman at the state house where she is being housed in Mariam Jammeh’s room, the dictator’s first child. Surprisingly, the presence of Asombi Bojang has attracted an unusual  fight between the dictator and his wife, Zineb Jammeh.


Zineb according to our sources has protested bitterly and confronted both her husband the guards as to why Asombi Bojang is receiving treatment at the state house and not at the hospital. She is particularly angry that of all the rooms available at state house, the dictator chose Mariam’s room as the treatment center for his mum.

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Indeed, Zineb Jammeh who many refer to as a gold digger has never hide her contempt and disregard for the dictator’s mum. Over the past several years, there has been several arguments between the first couple about how the first lady treats the dictator’s mother.


Staff at the state house have constantly informed The Fatu Network about the contentious disdain the first lady has for Asombi Bojang to the point that she will not allow the old woman to have any contacts with her grand children. The first lady is also said to have labelled the dictator’s mother as dirty where she will order staff to completely remove plates and cutlery the old woman is served in from state house kitchen.

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