Monday, July 22, 2024

As Fear Grips Dictator Jammeh GAF Soldiers Ordered To Tidy Up The Banjul Serekunda Highway Of Tall Grasses

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From saturday, October 15, soldiers from across the different barracks in The Gambia are expected embark on a grass cutting exercise on The Banjul Serekunda Highway as part of an order from dictator Jammeh who fears that his enemies (perceived or real) could use as hiding grounds to launch a surprise attack either on his convoy or on security installations.

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A source who contacted The Fatu Nettwork who is also embedded in dictator Jammeh’s security details, said Jammeh is completely paranoid perhaps justified by consistent and what appears to be credible rumors of an impending attack by dessidents who have penetrated into the country.


In dictator Jammeh’s confused mind but also from intelligence advises given to him, the probable attack could happen at any time especially between Sting corner and Hamza barracks when the dictator goes out of the state house. This explains one of the reasons why the dictator has curtailed his movements and is confined to only Kanilai and/or state house.

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The street clearing exercise of tall grasses on the Banjul Serekunda Highway according to our sources is expected to be led by The Chief Of Defense Staff (CDS) Lt. Gen. Ousman Badjie.

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