Monday, June 17, 2024

D. Jobz Returns as Nyancho’s Manager

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Exactly two years after parting ways in May 2022, Dembo Jobarteh, alias D. Jobz, known as ‘The Baddest Manager’ and Music Business Consultant, has returned as the manager of the Afromanding singer and songwriter Duodou Manneh (Nyancho Apachaky) ahead of his double album launch in November this year.

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The news of D. Jobz’s return was announced at a press conference yesterday. Reacting to the return of his former manager, the Bakau-born Afromanding singer expressed his profound gratitude for having him back in his management team.

Nyancho informed journalists that he and D. Jobz have always maintained a good relationship even after the misunderstanding that led to their separation ahead of his ‘Polisol’ album launch in May 2022. “I wish to welcome D. Jobz back to Apachaky Entertainment as my manager because he is a great manager,” Nyancho said. He added, “D. Jobz has always been a good brother, and that’s why even after our problem I refused to speak ill of him, even though many people, including journalists, were pushing me and the management. I was always in touch with him and consulted him on anything that doubted me. He was there anytime I needed him.”

D. Jobz, who had managed Nyancho before parting ways in 2022, described the artist as one of the best Gambian artists, with a unique lyrical style, dance skills, and unquestionable humility. “Nyancho has always been my favorite singer because he is the only complete artist in the Gambian music industry who can sing and dance,” D. Jobz commented.

When asked about his greatest memories as an artist manager since he began his career, D. Jobz promptly said, “My best moment was during the ‘Polisol’ song processing with Nyancho.” He further described the Bakau-born Afromanding singer as the most consultative artist who takes advice and suggestions from his team when composing songs.

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The return of D. Jobz, who is also business-minded, as the new manager for Apachaky Entertainment is expected to help the Afromanding singer boost his lyrical talent with the knowledge and experience D. Jobz has gained as an artist manager over the years.

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