Monday, June 17, 2024

Nyancho announces double album launch in November

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By Dawda Baldeh

The management of Nyancho ‘Apachaky Entertainment’ has announced the launch of Nyancho’s Double Album named ‘Kairo and Tenkungho’ (Peace and Stability), scheduled for the 23rd of November this year at Qcity.

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The ‘Kairo and Tenkungho’ album will feature 18 tracks, including five collaborations and five visualisations.

Speaking to journalists at the unveiling of the Album yesterday (27th May 2024) in Kanifing, Nyancho’s manager D. Jobz said the title of the album ‘Kairo and Tenkungho’ is a unique name which is meant to restore peace and stability among Gambian artist who in recent years have been engaged into unhealthy beefing.

According to the management’s schedule leading up to the album launch, Nyancho is anticipated to lead peace mediation efforts among Gambian artists and stakeholders to promote peace in the nation.

“Nyancho has never been involved in a beef with any artist over the years and the concept behind the album is in connection with ongoing tensions within the industry.

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“We (artists) can only attract investors if we maintain peace within us and that is why this album is very important,” D. Jobz said.

Speaking further on the important role music plays in resolving conflicts, the seasoned artists manager added: “The Gambia has a lot of talents and for us to realize that we need to support each other, we should embrace each other and avoid unhealthy beef.”

Nyancho, the Afromanding singer and adept dancer, informed journalists that he doesn’t compose songs but rather records them in their raw form.

He promised his fans and music lovers that his upcoming album ‘Kairo and Tenkungho’ would be extraordinary, featuring captivating songs.

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The artist from Bakau, known for his distinctive voice and dance style, has committed to delivering an unparalleled performance in November, setting him apart in the industry.

“My way of music is different from others and my songs are suitable for all ages to listen to because they are educative and entertaining,” he added.

Nyancho urged his fellow artists to embrace one another rather than seeing each other as competitors. “We can succeed together if we embrace one another,” he added.

Nyancho is also expected to perform in India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries in the Middle East to diversify his music and spread the message of peace.

To ensure a fascinating and successful album launching this year, Nyancho has new partners such as Prince Empire, an investment company, and ‘Yembe’ Organization, an entertainment company.

Both partners have expressed excitement for the partnership and vowed to work hand in glove to make the partnership a memorable one.

A representative from Prince Empire said: “We want to use our connection to sell Gambian music beyond the Gambian shores. When we come together, we can achieve a lot.”

Meanwhile, Sheikh Faal of Yembe Organization also stressed the importance of the partnership saying they are excited to join Nyancho’s team.

“We want to assure everyone that this album launch will be the best in town because we are introducing something unique from the stage unlike the usual setup of stages with our State-of-the-Earth equipment,” he emphasized.

Nyancho ended his remarks by expressing his profound gratitude to the CEO of The Fatu Network, Fatu Camara, for supporting Gambian music.

“Fatu Camara has done a lot for the Gambian artists and if you see artists filling up Qcity it is because she is very supportive, and it will not be fair if we don’t say it. She doesn’t like us to say it, but we have to,” Nyancho said.

The lyrical Afromanding singer and skilful dancer is expected to tour European countries and other countries including Canada

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