Monday, June 17, 2024

D. Jobz Advises Rising Music Artists Not to be Too Obsessed with Immediate Success

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Dembo Jobarteh, known as D Jobz or Baddest Manager, a Music Business Consultant, and Artist Manager, has advised young music artists not to become too fixated on immediate success.

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He highlighted the importance of staying focused on their work and allowing success and money to come naturally.

D Jobz cautioned against the trend of aspiring artists wanting to become superstars without putting in the necessary effort and facing the challenges that come with it.

He used the example of Sanna Signateh, popularly known as ST. Brikama Boyo, to illustrate that success in the music industry requires dedication, sacrifices, and hard work.

D Jobz shared his personal experience with ST, recounting the hurdles they faced together when they first started their music careers.

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“We used to walk from various places, such as from Tabokoto to Kanifing, Pipeline, Bundung to record songs and go to Bijilo to meet T. Smallz. We also walked from Bakau to the Officers Mess in Kotu to attend T. Smallz concerts,” he explained.

D. Jobz emphasized that their journey was not easy, but their commitment and perseverance eventually paid off.

The artist manager also highlights the challenges they encountered in distributing ST’s music CDs and the financial struggles they faced.

“At the time, ST didn’t even have a bicycle, proper shoes, or clothes, and sometimes we shared shoes and clothes,” he added.

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However, he added that they managed to overcome these obstacles with the help of others, such as a barber named Alhagie in Tabokoto who would give them money when they were broke.

D Jobz stressed the significance of commitment and gradual progress in achieving success.

He mentioned that ST started singing in 2006 and released his debut song “Who is ST” in 2007 when he was relatively unknown.

“It was only in 2010, with the release of his song “Adia Taa Ntele” (I Like It), that people from Brikama and beyond started to recognize him,” he told The Fatu Network in an interview.

D Jobz emphasized that success is not accidental but requires dedication, commitment, and self-confidence.

He further expressed concern about the content of some songs composed by rising artists.

He discouraged the creation of songs centered around pornography, sex, aggression, animosity, burglary, radical behavior, insults, and hatred, stating that such songs do not contribute positively to society.

In summary, D Jobz advised aspiring and rising musicians to avoid being distracted by their obsession with immediate success. He also encouraged them to focus on composing good songs and to understand that success in the music industry is a gradual process that requires dedication and commitment.

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