Monday, June 17, 2024

Big Banga fears low turnout ahead of tomorrow’s concert amidst free shows

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By: Dawda Baldeh 

There are growing worries for Big Banga as his upcoming show “Ukuwa Chilini” approaches.

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The concern stems from the possibility of a low turnout due to other free concerts taking place on the same day, which could potentially draw away his audience.

Despite high expectations for a large crowd at Manjai Park on January 6, 2024, the artist is anxious about the impact of these competing events.

Banga, who hopes to make a breakthrough using his talents, is disappointed by the treatment he has received from some music promoters.

The uncertainty around his ability to fill Manjai Park is distressing for the young singer.

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He is also disheartened by the negative direction The Gambian music industry is taking.

Addressing his concerns on his official Instagram Live, he expressed his frustration and emphasized the need for unity and support within the industry.

Banga mentioned previous instances where similar issues occurred during his Respeco Album concert.

He questioned whether Gambians were truly ready to support him and further his career.

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“No to tribalism in our music industry, Let’s support each other and stop the hypocrisy, I’m seeing a lot of free shows on my concert day, which makes me sad,” he revealed.

Despite his grievances, he clarified that he does not have any issues with other Gambian artists and shared his aspirations of success.

As a figure known for his kindness and generosity towards fellow Gambian artists, many are puzzled as to why this situation is happening and who may be responsible.

It is worth noting that Banga was awarded Soninka Artist of the Year last year and has been consistently winning the award for the past 3 years.

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