‘Because other people want to be president?’ President Barrow explains why he didn’t leave office after three years

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President Adama Barrow has lifted the lid on why he did not honour a 2016 pledge to leave office after three years.

The president agreed with coalition partners to serve for only three years if he should be elected in the December, 2016 presidential election. He went on to win the election.

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But President Barrow later flipped and said he would serve for five years instead of three, which led to rise of the Three Years Jotna movement.

But speaking to QTV in an exclusive interview, the president explained: “I didn’t change my mind. I think there was a condition attached to three years. But people try to forget about those conditions. We wanted to do a lot within that three years, when we were outside. That’s what we thought. But we found out that it’s impossible.

“These reforms we’re doing right now, we cannot do it in three years. The constitution, we cannot do it in three years. The TRRC, we cannot do it in three years. So these were the things that were attached…

“So you want us to abandon that and just go because other people want to be president or we want to go for elections? And at the same time, I think even the arrangement was also wrong. It was a very hasty thing we did.”

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