Thursday, May 30, 2024

Barrow Promises Stricter Laws and Severe Jail Sentences for Migrant Smugglers

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By: Seringe ST Touray

President Adama Barrow is taking a tough stance against migrant smuggling, announcing plans for stricter laws and longer jail terms for those organizing boat journeys to Europe.

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The move comes in response to a surge in illegal migration and deaths among young Gambians in the Mediterranean. Barrow emphasized the importance of protecting the country’s youth and urged all Gambians to join in eradicating the issue.

Additionally, he criticized the opposition-led Brikama Area Council for focusing on constructing a temporary market rather than prioritizing cleanliness and safety in Brikama. Barrow asserted that the government is responsible for crucial services like road construction and market management.

“We will bring stricter laws and whoever is found wanting will go to jail. We will not allow or watch anyone smuggle the youths of this country to destroy them at the high seas,” Barrow addressed a Brikama audience on Sunday. “You will always get what is meant to reach you even if you are on top of mountains. I was born in a grass house and Allah destined that I will be the president of this country and it happened,” he reminded the youths.

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