APRC Frowns at Janneh Commission over Kanilai Visit

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Opposition APRC has expressed dismay at the Janneh Commission over its recent fact-finding visit to Kanilai.

The Janneh Commission recently visited Kanilai where it toured former President Yahya Jammeh’s house. The probe travelled with the media, pictures of which have since emerged on social media.

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The interim leader of the ex-president party Fabakary Tombong Jatta said on Tuesday “it is an aberration for me for you to go on [this visit] and put it [pictures] on social media and in the streets.”

Mr Jatta said: “Somebody is presumed innocent until proven guilty. So why are putting all these things into the air? Somebody’s privacy? We are not in for that and I don’t that that is decent. And I’m sure if it’s done to [anyone], you will feel hurt.”

According to Jatta, the Janneh commissioners need to have a sense of excellent character to serve the public rightfully.

“We are not saying don’t investigate. Go and investigate to establish the truth.The other aspect is that those investigations can only be done by independent minded people, not people who have issues with the government or with us. That’s a basic principle and any honest Gambian would agree to that,” he said.

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