GPPC Risks Court Action over ‘Substantial Debt’

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By Lamin Njie

The Gambia Printing and Publishing Corporation is on the verge of being sued over ‘substantial outstanding payments’, The Fatu Network has learnt.

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It comes amid claims of financial trouble at the public printing outfit.

A source confirmed to TFN on Thursday that GPPC could soon be dragged to court by one of its business partners, Ashobe Stores.

“What GPPC owes Ashobe Stores is substantial. It’s in excess of D700,000. Ashobe Stores supplied GPPC with printing paper in February and in March, 2018,” the source said.

The source added: “Ashobe Stores has made numerous demands but GPPC hasn’t made any payment yet. The most likely course of action now is arbitration which could happen in two weeks’ time.”

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‘No Trouble at GPPC’

While reports of uncertainty at GPPC remain rife, the managing director of the corporation Momodou Ceesay has said all is well at GPPC.

Aggrieved staff had told TFN the corporation was going through financial uncertainty which has led to a number of issues among them non-payment of staff overtime pay.

The staff who walked into the offices of TFN said the managing director’s style of leadership was making the corporation suffer. They also accuse him of abusing his office.

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Reacting to the claims on Tuesday, the GPPC boss said ‘in as much as you have very good citizens, you have very bad citizens also who are bent on tarnishing people’s image.”

“I owe an obligation to this government and to the country to make sure that what happens here is in the best interest of the country not a few individuals,” he said.

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