Friday, July 19, 2024

An Open Letter to President Barrow: Hardship Faced by Gambian Citizens

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By: Saidina Alieu Jarjou

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Your Excellency President Barrow, I hope this open letter finds you in good health and high spirits. Please be informed that I am writing to bring to your attention the pressing and challenging circumstances faced by many Gambian citizens and to appeal for your intervention to alleviate the hardships they are enduring.

While acknowledging your administration’s efforts to address various issues affecting the country, it is evident that some segments of the population continue to face economic difficulties, unemployment, and challenges accessing basic essential human rights services. I am putting it to you that the high cost of living, coupled with the impacts of external factors such as the global economic situation, has placed a significant burden on ordinary citizens in our motherland.

You may be surprised to know that many citizens are struggling to afford essential commodities, making it challenging for them to meet their basic needs. Unemployment persists, particularly among the youth, posing a threat to their economic well-being and contributing to social unrest. Some citizens also face challenges accessing quality healthcare services, and there are concerns about the capacity of healthcare facilities to meet the needs of the population. It is crucial to improve infrastructure, especially in rural areas, to enhance the overall quality of life for citizens.

Your Excellency, I understand that the challenges are complex, and your government has been working tirelessly to address them. However, I humbly urge you to consider implementing additional measures to mitigate the immediate impacts of the hardships faced by citizens and to work towards sustainable, long-term solutions for the better Gambia we want.

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I do not doubt that with your leadership and commitment, The Gambia can overcome these challenges and continue a path of progress and prosperity that we can all be proud of. Your dedication to the well-being of the Gambian people is appreciated, and I am hopeful that urgent action will be taken to alleviate their current hardships.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I express my continued support for your efforts in steering the nation towards a brighter future in making the Gambia the last place of home on earth.

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