Sunday, June 23, 2024

Amnesty International Exposes Western Double Standards in their Support for Ukraine and Silence on Gaza

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By: Seringe ST Touray

Amnesty International accuses Western governments of double standards in their support for Ukraine’s defense against Russia while not similarly supporting Gaza against Israel’s invasion.

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Agnès Callamard, the group’s Secretary General, highlights the inconsistency, stating that the double standard poses a significant threat to human rights.

“It is reflected right now in the double standard that we are witnessing: the Western bloc demanding that we all rush to the defense of Ukraine as we should, because Ukraine has been aggressed by Russia and they are unbelievably suffering in Ukraine; and at the same time telling us not to act on the multiple bombing and absolute suffering of the people of Gaza. The double standard of those governments, you know, to me are the bigger threat to human rights right now,” Agnès Callamard said on Friday.

Amnesty, along with many countries globally, calls for a ceasefire in Gaza. The issue was discussed at the Paris Peace Forum, an annual event addressing various global challenges, including climate change, online violence against children, and threats to human rights.

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