Leaving Abubacarr Tambadou has described the country’s lawmakers as patriotic men and women who devoted their lives to democracy.

Speaking at the national assembly on Monday for the last time, Mr Tambadou said: “Many of you devoted your entire lives to fighting this cause [democracy]. It’s been three and a half short and long years. It’s been difficult sometimes but I only wish to remind all the members here that our country is at crossroads. You’re all patriotic men and women of this country. You represent our people here. Everything you say, everything you do, you do on behalf of the people of this country.

“But the responsibility to traverse from this very shaky water to a more stable and institutionalised democracy rests on each and every one of us. And we cannot do that without peace. It is what we have, it’s our national treasure. It’s what we must always preserve.”

Mr Tambadou reserved special praise and admiration for Serekunda NAM Halifa Sallah.

He said: “And on a day like today, I would like to single out honourable member for Serrekunda for his devotion to fighting for this freedom for many many years. I recall when I was a student at St Augustine’s and we used to be excited socialist-marxist ideas and we would invite him to come and give talks at our symposium. I used to be inspired by him.”

In April, the duo nearly clashed after Mr Tambadou said the issue of interpreting the law is not a matter for the national assembly in a direct riposte to a suggestion by Mr Sallah for President Barrow’s state of emergency proclamation to be referred to the National Assembly’s committee on human rights and constitutional matters before they could vote on it.